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We use our extensive experience and understanding of Iowa workers' compensation law to maximize the workers' compensation benefits our clients are entitled to under the law.  We frequently have injured Iowans come to us after their work injury claims have been wrongfully denied or have been underpaid the benefits they are legally entitled too.  For some, injured workers the injury prevents them from retruning to work at all making it impossible to provide for themselves and their family.  If this sounds like your situation, please know that you are not alone and help is just a call away.  The Johnson & Legislador, PLC  law firm is here to help answer your questions and will fight for you to make it right.  


Our lawyers have experience handling all types of workers' compensation claims.  We represent clients in workers' compensation matters throughout Iowa before the Iowa Industrial Commissioner and in Iowa district courts and appellate courts.  We also represent those workers who may live outside of the state of Iowa, such as truck drivers and construction workers, who are injured in the state of Iowa or were working for an Iowa company at the time of injury. We represent injured workers on a contingency fee basis, which means we will not charge you attorney fees if we do not recover benefits for your injury.

Iowa Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Suffering a serious work injury can be life-changing.  Oftentimes, the workers' compensation process is not explained to you and can be complicated and confusing, leaving you wondering if you are being treated fairly and are doing the right thing for yourself and your family. You have one chance to make it

right.  So why go it alone when there is so much at stake?



We Fight to Get You the Workers' Compensation Benefits You Deserve!

Covering all on-the-job injuries

• Back injuries

• Spinal injuries

• Shoulder injuries

• Nerve disorders including CRPS

• Amputations

• Hip injuries

• Injuries causing death

• Carpal tunnel

• Aggravation of pre-existing conditions

• Mental injuries

• Death claims

• Repetitive trauma (motion) injuries

• Chemical injuries

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