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At Johnson & Legislador PLC, we understand accidents causing catastrophic injuries such as severe burns, limb amputation, permanent nerve injury, and brain/spine injuries oftentimes involve additional concerns for the victim and their family. These concerns may include the cost of future medical needs for items including, but not limited to, reconstructive surgery, fitting and replacement of braces and prosthetic limbs, and ongoing pain management. In some cases, a full recovery to an independent life is not possible. In those cases, victims require the use of life planners to determine medical needs necessary for life-long personal care and the cost associated with such care. At Johnson & Legislador, we analyze the facts of each case using experts when necessary to obtain a thorough understanding of what compensation you or a loved one are entitled to and need, and how to strengthen your case to obtain the best possible results.


If the injury results in death of the victim, the surviving spouse and/or next of kin (through a court- approved administrator, usually a family member or friend) may sue the responsible party. Certain survivors may be entitled to compensation for loss of consortium, guidance, support, and other damages.


We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we will not charge you attorney fees if we do not obtain a recovery or settlement for you. These cases have time limitations and decisions made early in a case can affect the end result. We invite you to take advantage of our free initial consultation to tell us about your case.

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Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers

Any time a person is injured or dies as a result of the negligent act of another individual or entity, they may have a claim for personal injuries or wrongful death and be entitled to compensation. At Johnson & Legislador PLC, we handle personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from car and motorcycle accidents, drunken driving related accidents, construction site accidents, slip and falls, professional negligence, and injuries due to defective consumer goods. If you have been injured due to the negligent act of another, contacting the attorneys at Johnson & Legislador PLC will give you the professional assistance necessary to avoid costly mistakes that can negatively impact your case. While we know money cannot truly compensate for the trauma of a serious injury or death, we will help you get the maximum recovery you are entitled to under the law.

We handle the following personal injury cases:

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• Wrongful death

• Car, truck, motorcycle accidents

• Catastrophic injuries

• Amputations and burns

• Construction accidents

• Dangerous premises (slips and falls)

• Dog bites

• Professional negligence (medical, dental, legal)

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